The ultimate choice for inspired ceiling creations

Stretch ceilings are high quality, practical, safe, and surprisingly economical ceiling solutions for a wide range of applications including new or replacement ceilings.

The ceilings are maintenance free, do not suffer from condensation and will never crack, flake or peel. They provide a superb alternative to suspended ceilings, are installed easily and quickly with little disruption to your home or business and can easily be removed and reassembled to allow access to the space above. Stretch ceilings could help you achieve a design effect with new or replacement ceilings.

We only fit the best stretch ceilings. They are available in over 100 colours and 9 finishes and are provided with a long guarantee. The ceilings can be used to achieve a perfectly flat finish, or due to their flexibility can be shaped into curves or arches creating stunning interior design effects. Lights and accessories are easily incorporated into the ceiling as required making them as efficient – but much more versatile – than suspended ceilings.

Our stretch ceilings have excellent thermal and acoustic properties, provide value for money and will last for a lifetime.

Aesthetically Beautiful

A vast number of colours are available in matt, satin and gloss finishes. Due to the membrane’s strength and flexibility, ceilings can be shaped into curves, waves, arches, domes, and vaults. Any lighting, vents or ducts are easily incorporated into the system. We also supply and install fibre optics for stunning lighting effects.


Professionally trained ceiling fitters carry out the installation. The procedure is very quick and clean, with no dust or mess.

Priming, painting or drying time is not required.


1. The Ceiling Membranes

  • Assessed to Class ‘0’ Fire Rating
  • Vapour Proof
  • Withstand Tension of 15-35kg per linear metre
  • Interlocking Track System

2. Health and Safety

  • All necessary certificates required by the Building Regulations

3. Workmanship

  • Work carried out only by skilled Pristine operatives

4. Application

  • Attach PVC or aluminium track to bulkhead or ceiling by screw fixing or reinforced staples
  • Remove made to measure ceiling from packing and heat with space heater until flexible
  • Section off the designated area and heat to appropriate temperature
  • Attach corners of the sheet to the PVC track and leave in heated area until supple
  • Stretch the sheet into position and use specialist spatulas to insert anchor system into the wall or ceiling track
  • Remove heaters and let the sheet return to room temperature
  • Install finish track, light diffusers and other ceiling fittings
  • Leave area ready for re-occupation

5. Completion

  • Clean any marks from membranes and carefully remove any scaffold or access equipment

6. Guarantee

  • The membranes come with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee which covers the welds and anchor system