Create your dream pool with Polypool

Liner Finishes

All our liners are manufactured in the UK to the highest specification. A liner finish to pool allows quick and easy installation’s with a range of colour options you can create the the pool of your dreams.
The exclusive finishes are overlaid onto the finest quality vinyl materials formulated especially to withstand the swimming pool environment for many years. The material gives maximum protection against ultra-violet degradation, chemical attack and contamination from bacteria and fungi.

The on-site welded liner is 1.5mm, the strength of this reinforced thicker material is exceptional and it can withstand intensive use making it an ideal choice for commercial and heavily used pools. With a UV stabilizing treatment it will withstand exposure to extreme changes in weather and temperature.

The liner is installed on site using hot air welding equipment and liquid PVC. It will not stretch or distort and does not rely on the pressure of the pool water to keep the liner in place. We can offer a choice of colours and patterns including non-slip step lining and lane markings can be incorporated into the lining for leisure centres and health clubs.