Outdoor Pools

You can heat your outdoor swimming pool in a range of ways: –
Boiler – You could use a gas, LPG or oil boiler with a heat exchanger. We recommend the Bowman Heat Exchanger as these units are very easy to clean and maintain as the end covers and tube stack can be removed easily which is unique to the Bowman design.

Electric heating

Alternatively you can use off peak electricity with a direct electric heater for use with the smaller pools.

Air Source Heat Pump

You can use an electric Air Source heat pump which extracts free heat from the atmosphere. Its an economical method of heating pool water and conveniently for the British climate it doesnt rely on the sun just the air!

Solar Heating

Solar heating is ideal for swimming pools as it is an economic and effective solution.
The advantages are :

    • The energy source is FREE so the panels pay for themselves in no time
    • Its friendly to the environment with no emissions destroying the ozone layer
    • Its silent
    • Its pollution free
    • Its easy to install
    • It requires no on-going maintenance

Despite the british weather solar panels still manage to operate successfully in the UK, as although they work best on a bright sunny day, they will still collect heat on bright overcast days. During an average UK summer solar panels can typically heat a pool from around mid May to the end of September.

The temperature achieved with solar panels is often satisfactory for many people but if you should want higher temperatures you can use a conventional heating system in conjunction with the panels to give it that extra boost.

A solar cover is also recommended to insulate the surface of your pool when not in use.

Indoor Pools

When investing in equipment of this nature, confidence and assurance in the brand are important considerations.

Polypool recommend Heatstar who have produced heat recovery systems for swimming pools for over 25 years and were amongst the first to become involved in this specialist field. Polypool and Heatstar work together and examine each individual project in detail, using their experience to identify and overcome possible design difficulties at an early stage.

A full computerised analysis can then be prepared, to include all relevant information on the project and how the Heatstar system will operate to deal with them.

Heatstar operate their own field service engineers to ensure expert and effective support on a nation-wide basis.

Some of the Heatstar products available;

Wall Mounted Dehumidifiers

Ideal for small pools or spas, the Pegasus wall mounted units are available with supplementary air heating coils and ‘through wall’ mounting kit.

Complete Environmental Control System

Ideal for all indoor swimming pools, the Andromeda is a packaged unit providing effective dehumidification, heat recovery and complete heating of air and pool water. Air distribution would normally be via duct work.

Heatstar equipment is supplied with a full parts and labour manufacturers warranty. This warranty is supported by Heatstar’s own nation-wide service and maintenance cover. When this initial period has expired, a service and maintenance contract is then offered which can include extending the warranty indefinitely. This cover is offered to ensure that the equipment is properly maintained and serviced by fully qualified personnel with in depth knowledge and experience of the product.

We can supply a package of general literature covering our entire range of products, or answer any queries you may have on 01489 890800.