All pools need to have some sort of cover, for heat retention purposes, preventing water evaporation, chemical loss and to keep debris out of the pool.

Traditionally a solar blanket and a winter debris cover are used for outdoor pools and a heat retention blanket for indoor pools. These do not solve the issue of safety.

An automatic safety cover gives you all of this as nothing can enter the pool unless the key is turned. This is peace of mind, especially to parents of younger children and pet owners.

Our automatic covers are driven by hydraulic fluid, not electricity. On the surface most safety covers look similar but the most important part of any cover is the drive mechanism which we can offer with a 20 year manufacturers warranty.

No electrics are required near the pool. The powerpack can be placed in a remote area up to 25m away.

For added peace of mind, a pressure relief valve is fitted to ensure that the cover stops upon meeting any resistance or obstruction when closing the pool.

On an indoor pool the automatic safety cover completely seals the swimming pool like a lid so cutting down on humidity and condensation levels substantially reducing running costs.

With an outdoor pool the automatic safety cover will turn your pool into a large passive solar collector raising the temperature of the water and also has a built in rain water removal system.

The covers are manufactured in the UK using PVC reinforced fabric attached to an aluminium leading edge bar than spans the width of the pool. The fabric comes with a 7 year warranty and is available in 7 standard colours.

We have a choice of pits and lids available and will discuss with you which style most suits your pool design.